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6 Ways to Take a Mindful Moment...On The Go!

We typically go through our daily routine pretty mindlessly, am I right? Get up, do this, do that, go here, etc. Sometimes that routine can be monotonous and we end up sliding through our day on autopilot without even paying attention to things we did that day. What do you say we slow it down a little? Let's shift out of autopilot mode and give ourselves a moment of "pure awareness" while still performing all the same daily tasks.

We can practice bringing our mindful attention to daily activities that are often performed mindlessly by becoming aware of our five senses. That's right we are taking it back to our childhood days when we learned how to pay attention on purpose. Perhaps pick one of these activities to serve as your “call to mindfulness” during the day and take it SLOW.


Grooming is a part of our daily TO DO. Every morning we need to get up, shower, do our hair, brush those pearly whites, etc. This is the perfect time to wake with grace by practicing a mindful morning routine. You might want to give yourself an extra few minutes in the morning. You'll thank me later.

  • Feel the bristles from your toothbrush as you brush each tooth, don't forget your tongue. What do you hear?

  • Add some eucalyptus essential oil drops in the tub as you take a shower for a soothing, fresh start to your day. (Also, eucalyptus+steam= bye bye congestion). Breathe in and out slowly. Feel the warm water droplets hit your skin.

  • Wash your hands - and do as the instructions say. Add soap, lather, rinse. Try it in SLO-MO. Notice every wrinkle of skin, every crevice, every jagged fingernail, the direction of your lather, etc. You get the point.


We spend on average 2.5 hours a day eating food but more than half of that time we are also doing something else. We are either working, driving, reading, watching TV or fiddling with our phones. Let's try and do nothing else but focus on our food experience.

  • Feel the warmth in your hands as you hold your mug of tea or coffee.

  • Smell your food before you even touch it. Take in all the different spices. Did that make your nose tingle?

  • Feel all of the textures that your food offers. Let it roll around in your mouth before chewing.



Our devices often take us very far from the present moment. On average we check our phones close to 100 times a day. That sounds like a bit much, don't you think? Whether your checking the time or checking Facebook, your phone is in hand more than necessary. Let's see if we can tweak that a bit.

  • Take a deep breath before checking your butt loads of emails.

  • Set an alarm on your phone to go off at certain time of the day to remind you to check in with your breath.

  • Set your wake screen on your phone to an image that will remind you to take a mindful pause before using it.

  • Set your email notification sound to a bell and let it be a reminder to bring you back to the present moment each time you hear it.


Sometimes we just want a break from being a parent. Mindfulness can help take the stress and anxiety out of raising kids. Practicing gratitude for the little things and remembering to breathe can offer a whole new perspective and sense of joy in life!

  • When playing with the kids, be fully present. This one is a challenge but our children need our full attention when we play!

  • Check on your sleeping littles before you go to bed. Smile at their peaceful faces because at the end of a crazy day, you love them no matter what.

  • Take three deep breaths while watching their deep-sleep breathing.

  • Let the call of “Mommmmmmmmm!” be a reminder for mindfulness! Take that deep breath!

  • Make bedtime sacred. I strive to focus my full attention on giving backrubs, singing lullabies, and reading stories, or asking what their favorite part of their day was without rushing them because I have things to do after they’re asleep.

  • When picking up the kids after school or activities, take a minute to breathe mindfully before shifting back to parent mode.

  • Practice gratitude with your kids — have everyone in the family share one thing they are thankful for each day.


Cleaning isn't one of those activities people describe as enjoyable. It can be! Look at it as a way of honoring our physical surroundings and nurturing those who live with us. So try not to rush through this - you'll do a better job anyway. Clean with intent focus.

  • Washing dishes - Pick up one item at a time, clean it slowly and thoroughly. Notice the temperature of the water on your hands.

  • Be present. Don't let your mind wander away with other tasks you still need to do. Be in the moment with the mop as it glides across the floor.

  • Smell the fresh clean clothes, feel their warmth straight from the dryer. Go head, hug 'em. You know you want to! Notice their textures and patterns as you fold them.

  • Spring cleaning. De-clutter. Enough said. Bye, Felicia!

  • Take a few minutes to appreciate your beautiful, clean space afterwards. Thank yourself.


Did you see that viral video of the Amazon delivery guy stopping to smell the roses on the porch after dropping off a package? Yeah, be that guy. He knows what's up! No matter where you are headed or what you are doing, you will always have time to spare to STOP and enjoy the moment. So make the time!

  • When stopped at the red light, take a look around you. Not often do you get to look around when driving so now is your time to notice other people and what they are doing on their morning commute. Or better yet, check yourself out in your rear view mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome and that today is going to be a glorious day.

  • Focus on making eye contact with others, on really seeing them. Be present. Give them a smile. You never know who's day you just made better by doing so.

  • Waiting in line sucks. This is a super great opportunity to focus on our patience and sooth that rising frustration with a few mindful breaths.

  • Radio Silence - turn off the radio and just enjoy the hum of your vehicle going down the road. Roll down the window - what sounds do you hear?

  • Take a slow-paced walk down the block. Barefoot, if weather permits. Feel your feet on the earth. Count your steps. Notice something new about your neighborhood that you never noticed before.

  • Close your eyes, smell that fresh air. Listen to the sounds of nature. Try and find the most distant sound.

  • Watch the clouds, what shapes do you see?

People have found to be substantially happier when paying full attention to what they are doing. Every day is filled with opportunities to be in the present moment - make the conscious effort. I promise you wont be disappointed. 🙏 ©Conscious Kids, LLC.

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