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Conscious Kids is a mobile yoga studio. I bring the yoga and mindfulness classes to you. Please contact me to find out how I can bring any program listed below to YOUR:

  • School (Home, Public, Private, Charter, etc.)

  • Before & After School Program

  • Yoga Studio

  • Community Center

  • Summer School/Day Camp

  • Library/Bookstore

  • Girl's/Boy's Scout Troop

  • Boy's and Girl's Club

  • Church/Religious Institution

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Children's Gym

  • Daycare Centers/Preschool

  • Children's Hospital

 6-Week Program
(Ages 7+)


Your child/teen will engage in a 6-week intensive program  where 6 mindfulness lessons are taught through yoga, discussion, games and/or craft activities. This is a 1 hour class that takes place once a week.

 Private/Small Group Sessions


Is your child too shy to join a class of kids? Or maybe you prefer more of a private instruction without the distraction of others.

Mindfulness Meditations

30 minute mindfuless meditation sessions to calm the mind and body and bring them back to a balanced state.



Yoga Birthday Parties 

(Ages 4+)


Make your next Kid's birthday party...a yoga party. Will cater to any birthday party theme you have, if requested.

The Yoga Principles that are honored during classes with a strong emphasis to take into daily life are listed below:


KINDNESS- Towards yourself and others


HONESTY- Being Truthful with ourselves and others


NON-STEALING - Not to take what has not been freely given


NON-POSSESIVENESS - Being grateful for what you have (not to covet what is not yours/jealousy)


CLEANLINESS - For our minds and body. Finding a healthy balance for a positive enviroment so we can grow. Take care of your surroundings and your environment.


HAPPINESS - To be happy and content, living in the present moment. Celebrate your uniqueness. Main a positive outlook. Practice gratefulness.


DISCIPLINE - An intention to try your best to overcome challenges, a heat or drive to keep achieving, motivate and grow. Persevere: Don't give up!


SELF-STUDY - To recoginize your strenghts and weaknesses, the good and the bad behaviors, Be reflective. Know yourself. Take time for quiet. Be still.


LOVE AND BE GRATEFUL - Appreciating life and all the little things around you. Connect with all things.  There is beauty in all around us, and something bigger than ourselves.

Yama: “Things not to do”

  • Ahimsa: Don’t be violent to myself or others; Be caring to myself and others.

  • Satya: Don’t lie; Be truthful with myself and others.

  • Asteya: Don’t steal; Be generous.

  • Brahmacara: Don’t waste my energy; Use my energy wisely.

  • Aparagraha: Don’t be greedy; Be grateful for what I have.


Niyama: “Things to do”

  • Saucha: Be clean

  • Santosha: Be happy with myself and others

  • Tapas: Always work hard.

  • Svadhyaya: Studying is important. Take time to learn about myself and the world around me.

  • Ishvara pranidhana: Always trust the power inside of me.

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